Event Room Selection

Screen Description

The Event Room Selection screen provides a table indicating availability of locations selected in the previous screen at the time and on the days selected in the previous screen. The user can select locations by clicking on the table fields.


The header "Available Rooms For" includes the time selected in the previous screen. To change the time, click on the Change Request button.

  • Maximal Number of Rooms
    • Maximal number of locations to be displayed in the screen
    • To change this number, enter the required maximal number in the provided field and click Change
    • If there are too many possible locations and it is hard to find what you need, go back to the previous screen (click on the Change Request button) and specify either area of campus or type of room or room groups or room features
  • The table contains the following
    • Dates on the left hand side
      • If you are looking for a location for a course event, the date field also contains number of student conflicts on that day (at the selected time); i.e., number of students who already have a class or an examination (or another course event with required attendance) scheduled at that time; roll your mouse over that number to see more details
    • Locations on top
      • When applicable, location capacity is displayed in parentheses below the location label
      • Listed in the order of most available locations
    • Events that are already scheduled
      • A meeting for such event is displayed in the field corresponding to that meeting's date and location

Click on any field representing a Date/Location combination to book the specific location for that specific time/date. It is possible to select more than one location for the same date. Only administrators and event managers can overbook locations - select locations that are already occupied by another event.

Click on a location label to select all available dates for that location.


  • Continue (Alt+N)
    • Continue to the
      • Add Event Info screen if adding a new event to fill in remaining information
      • Update Meetings screen if adding meetings to an existing event to confirm the selection of times/rooms and add a note if needed
  • Change Request (Alt+B)
    • Go back to the previous screen to change the search criteria for dates/times/locations