Solver Log

Screen Description

The Solver Log screen can help an advanced user find what has been happening with the solver. The warnings and/or errors in the log are also displayed in the Timetables screen and in the Solver screen.

Hint: See Solver Warnings to see a detailed list of warnings and errors that may be produced by the solver. If you see a FATAL message, keep the solver in the memory and use Contact Us (located in Help menu) page to report a problem.


The amount of information displayed depends on the Debug Level chosen from the drop-down list:

  • Trace - Most detailed log information
  • Debug - Detailed log information
  • Progress - All of the below plus details about solver stages (such as "improving found solution" during the "Solving" stage)
  • Info - All of the bellow plus information about loading that does not constitute warnings
  • Stage - All of the bellow plus names of the stages the solver goes through
  • Warn - Display warnings and errors
  • Error - Display errors only
  • Fatal - Display fatal errors only


  • Change
    • Change the debug level to the level chosen from the drop-down list
  • Refresh
    • Refresh this screen